Competitions and looking forward to Spring/Summer Collection

January was been a month for entering competitions: first of all the HATalk magazine competition where I did one entry for the Modern category and one for the Traditional.

I was lucky enough to be chosen Joint Second Runner-up in the Traditional category, which pleased me very much.

Next was the Parkin competition, where every entrant was sent an identical pack of materials.

You did not have to use everything in the pack but only sundries like sewing thread could be added. This was quite challenging, and I look forward to the results later this month.

The third competition is the Feltmakers, where the finished hat has to arrive in Luton by the 1 st March – I should make the deadline, although of course it is taking longer than I expected.

Next on the agenda will be my Spring Summer collection, where I hope to produce a small collection using straws, sinamay and silks, together with some leather and possibly a few turbans. There will also be some hats/headpieces made from unconventional materials such as plywood and rubber.

Commissions from individual clients are welcomed. (Use the contact form to get in touch and then we can carry on from there)

Lead time (length of time from first discussions to delivery of the finished hat) will depend on the nature of the hat.